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Program Components

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Coursebooks introduce and develop concepts and skills to mastery.

Coursebooks for each level are in two parts, A and B, and are to be used consecutively.

Practice Books

Practice Books contain exercises and reviews for comprehensive practice and assessment.

Practice Books for each level are in two parts, A and B, and correlate to Coursebooks.

Teacher's Guides

Teacher's Guides contain comprehensive lesson plans to provide detailed guidance on lesson delivery.

There is a Teacher's Guide for each Coursebook.

Interactive Edition

Interactive Edition is a teacher resource for front-of-class teaching, practice and assessment.

It contains all Coursebook and Practice Book content.

Teacher's Resource

Teacher's resources have been created to support teachers as they use PR1ME in their classrooms.

There is the Practice Tests for summative assessment, Classroom Posters for easy reference, Implementation Guide to develop skills and concepts and PR1ME Professional Learning workbook for professional development.

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