Interactive Edition

PR1ME Interactive Edition is a teacher resource for front-of-class teaching, practice and assessment. It allows teachers to use technology to teach and engage the whole class.

Supported Devices

PR1ME Interactive Edition can be installed on a computer or accessed online through Scholastic Learning Zone. Both versions can be viewed using computers running Windows XP/7/8 or Mac OS 10.6 while the online version can also be viewed using iPads running iOS 6 or tablets running Android 4.0.

Note: A valid license and login ID are required to access PR1ME Interactive Edition.

Features of Interactive Edition

  • Tools for writing text or drawing diagrams on the pages to further explain the content

  • Add notes, pictures, sound clips, videos and other files to create interactive and enriching lessons

  • Show and hide the answer to each question to assess students' understanding

  • Seamless navigation between Coursebooks, Practice Books and Teacher's Notes content

  • Quick link to content in Practice Book for practice and assessment

  • Quick link to Teacher’s Notes for lesson preparation

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